Safe, Multi-Symptom Relief

Estroven offers two ways to help you start feeling the comfort you deserve:
Maximum Strength with Black Cohosh and Soy Isoflavones to help
reduce hot flashes and promote bone health; and Regular Strength
with 10 vitamins and minerals to help reduce hot
flashes and support your good health.
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Your symptoms are as unique as you are. So Estroven has created a variety of products with naturally sourced ingredients to help you safely, gently, begin to feel like yourself again.

What women are saying about Estroven

Nearly a million women choose Estroven every year for their peri/menopause symptom relief. Read about some of their experiences, and share your own story.

Having sleep problems?

80% of women ages 35-44 and 65% of those 45-54 report having sleep problems during menopause or perimenopause — and admit it can negatively impact many aspects of life.‡