Estroven® Maximum Strength

Estroven® Maximum Strength with naturally-sourced Black Cohosh and Soy Isoflavones is clinically shown to reduce menopausal symptoms plus promote bone health.

Estroven® Maximum Strength Ingredients

Estroven® Maximum Strength contains:

  • Black Cohosh, plus clinically proven soy isoflavones to help reduce hot flashes and night sweats
  • Vitamin D and Calcium to help in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, and in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus to prevent Vitamin D deficiency. Calcium intake when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • High potency of many essential vitamins for women’s health

Supplement Facts

Directions for Estroven® Maximum Strength

Take one (1) caplet daily by mouth. Take a few hours before or after other medications or healthcare products.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. For prolonged use, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estroven® Maximum Strength

Does Estroven® Maximum Strength contain caffeine?

Yes, there is a small amount of green tea in Estroven® Maximum Strength which is a natural stimulant.

Will Estroven® Maximum Strength affect blood pressure?
The ingredients in Estroven® Maximum Strength are not known to have an effect on blood pressure. However, it is always advisable to speak with your healthcare practitioner before taking any medicinal product.

When is the best time to take Estroven® Maximum Strength?

The best time to take Estroven® Maximum Strength is in the morning with your breakfast. Food helps with the absorption of the vitamins and may help prevent stomach upset.

How long can I take Estroven® Maximum Strength?

The ingredients in  Estroven® Maximum Strength are beneficial to women’s health.*  While there have been no long-term side-effects attributed to taking the ingredients in Estroven® Maximum Strength, speak with your healthcare practitioner for use beyond one year.

Does Estroven® Maximum Strength contain estrogen?

No, Estroven® Maximum Strength does not contain synthetic estrogen. Soy Isoflavones interact with some of the same receptors as estrogen to help address your hormonal imbalance, but will not increase hormone levels.

Can I take more than the recommended serving of Estroven® Maximum Strength?

No, Estroven® Maximum Strength should be taken as directed.

Will Estroven® Maximum Strength cause weight gain?

No, Estroven Maximum Strength has not been found to cause weight gain. However during menopause, it is common for women to gain weight. Therefore, if you are concerned about excessive weight gain during menopause, please contact your healthcare professional as there can be many causes.

Will Estroven® Maximum Strength help with hair loss or vaginal dryness?

There is currently no clinical research indicating that Estroven® Maximum Strength will help prevent hair loss or vaginal dryness.

How long until I see results when taking Estroven® Maximum Strength?

Results vary based on each individual’s symptoms and needs.  Some women notice improvement in seven to ten days but may take up to thirty days for optimal results.

Does Estroven® Maximum Strength contain soy?

Yes, Estroven® Maximum Strength contains soy.  The soy isoflavones have been clinically shown to reduce hot flashes and night sweats*.

I recently read an article stating soy supplements are not effective in relieving menopausal symptoms.  Is that true?

Isoflavones, a group of naturally occurring compounds found in soybeans, are among the most extensively-studied alternatives to estrogen therapy.  But all isoflavones are not the same. Only soy isoflavones have more than 25 studies evaluating the effects of soy isoflavones on hot flashes since the first research was conducted in 1995.  A statistical analysis of 17 studies, found that isoflavones reduced the frequency and severity of hot flashes by more than 50 percent. These results agree with a previously published statistical analysis that included 19 studies.  Estroven® Maximum Strength is specifically formulated with a highly concentrated soy extract having the same ratio of beneficial isoflavones found in soybeans and unfermented soy foods.

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